3D AOI/SPI Technology

3D-AOI/3D-SPI which judge assembly conditions based on measurement of 2D image and 3D height

[Hardware and Software that provide absolute measurement]

The BF-3Di series provides reduced noise from reflected light, with dynamic range extension, a highly rigid frame, automatic board surface detection, high-speed height calculation, and reduced blind spots by optimizing the quadphase projector system, thereby enabling absolute 3D measurement with high image quality. The BF-3Di series accurately measures component by projecting stripe patterns (slices) from the same focal point. Whenever a stripe reflects off a component, its height is accurately measured. 3Di-technology1



[High-speed and high-accuracy]

A 30% reduction in the weight of the optical head, along with the implementation of Saki’s new dual-drive positioning system, provides a significant increase in image acquisition speed. The BF-3Di series employs the highest accuracy measurement technology, and plays a key role in the Smart Factory environment. The BF-3Di series offers high-accuracy position measurement, a high rigidity frame, high-accuracy linear control, and absolute accuracy of the XYZ positioning system, with automated board surface detection. 3Di-technology1



[Seamless FOV imaging technology]

The BF-3Di series inspects the entire PCB and provides seamless merging of the acquired images into a single image, even for multiple FOVs of very large components. This unique and valuable technology is derived from enhancements on Saki’s powerful 2D line scan technology. 3Di-technology1



[Complete Image Memory (CIM) Technology]

The BF-3Di series optimizes programming and setup efficiency with our unique CIM technology, which provides the greatest flexibility to accommodate changing production situations. By acquiring the entire board image just once, the BF-3Di series allows the user to perform data edits and adjustments of any FOV and/or all FOVs–all without acquiring additional board images. The BF-3Di-D1 (Dual-Lane) machine, with completely independent lane functionality, permits editing of inspection program data, while performing auto inspection of the PCB on the other lane. 3Di-technology1



[Saki integrates its unique 2D line scan imaging technology to enhance the power of its 3D systems]

Integration of Saki’s 2D inspection technology, such as our patented coaxial top-light illumination, and vast knowhow from more than 20 years of experience, enhance the power of the BF-3Di series, providing accurate and reliable polarity detection, character recognition (OCR/OCV), bridge detection, and alignment inspection, which are difficult to inspect with 3D imaging technology. 3Di-technology1