Saki Corporation develops and provides Inline Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Systems for printed circuit board production line producing mother modules for various electrical devices today. Saki’s AOI machines support electrical device production lines globally for products such as smart phone, tablet terminal, laptop, cCloud server, base station, facility equipment, navigation system,, on-vehicle module and aircraft device. Mainly there are 3 product categories.

  • ・Optical 2D-AOI for high speed production lines
  • ・3D-AOI/3D-SPI which judge assembly conditions based on measurement of 2D image and 3D height
  • ・3D-AXI (3D X-ray CT inspection machines) for solder inspection of parts having bottom electrodes such as BGAs, QFNs and PoPs

All of our machines meet the market requirements in terms of high speed, stability and reproducibility. By utilizing Saki’s intelligent machine vision technology, they are highly capable of supporting high density mounting of electronic components with fine patterns and analyzing conditions of three dimensional and undefined shaped solder. We are determined to do our best and improve our technology continuously in order to meet severe quality requirements from leading customers in the industry. More than 8,000 Saki’s AOI machines are performing inspections of average 1000 items x 1,500 substrates daily worldwide. We must make an enormous effort to come up with a new function that is truly considered as helpful by users working in the field of inspecting more than 12,000 million components per day. Machine vision technology is developing everyday which supports computer brain to make judgment on its own substantially identical to human being. With Saki’s AOI machines working globally, we are committed to appeal to the public for our intelligent machine vision technology. Our aim is to realize best technology development for 2D-AOI, 3D-AOI/3D-SPI and 3D-AXI for highest possible performance. Saki Corporation has developed various original technologies, hardware and software of our own products in order to meet a wide range of customers’ requirements flexibly in a timely manner.

2D AOI BF-Planet-XII BF-FrontierII BF-10Z BF-10D BF-TristarII BF-10BT BF-Comet10/18 BF-Sirius
BF-Planet-XII BF-FrontierII BF-10Z BF-10D BF-TristarII BF-10BT BF-Comet10/18 BF-Sirius
3D AOI BF-3Di-L1 BF-3Di-Z1 BF-3Di-D1
3Di 3Di 3Di
X-ray(AXI) BF-X2 BF-X3