BF-Editor is an off-line system to generate inspection data for AOI machines prior to production. Mounting parts and position information can be generated from various data format such as CAD data, BOM data, mount data and Gerber data in order to add inspection library data. Once individual component inspection data is generated, it can be stored into inspection data library and used when making another inspection data for different substrate design. As each component inspection data includes actual inspection images both in 2D and 3D, they become useful OK/NG past case study data to review and improve inspection data. BF-Editor is capable of editing inspection data in AOI machines remotely while inspection is being performed.


BF-Repair is a system for operator to check detected failure parts. Failure part image and 3D data will be displayed on a screen for operator to review and fix them as necessary. By using BF-Monitor, one operator can review failures detected on AOIs in multiple lines remotely.


BF-Manager is to manage individual ID for each sample. There are multiple useful functions such as identifying each sample’s inspection result history based on ID by reading barcode or 2D code, switching inspection program automatically by ID reading, and inquire of a customer server to confirm a correct feeding prior to inspection based on ID as measures to prevent wrong feeding and assigning ID numbers automatically per panel. BF-Logger sends inspection result data together with ID information in various formats based on customer’s requirements to following process machines, customers’ servers and Saki’s SPC server. Saki’s individual ID management system is common among 2D-AOI, 3D-AOI and 3D-AXI machines so that a user can share data among existing Saki’s machines easily. Learned from our abundant experience of delivering more than 8,000 machines to the market, BF-Manager/BF-Logger have been improved to include full of useful functions required in the real production line environment in consideration of various substrate design and assembly conditions.


BF-WebTracerII is Saki’s SPC server, which can record images of whole sample in addition to sample ID, inspection result data and failure part images. With BF-WebTracerII, non-defective rates, ranking of failure types and failure part images are also graphed for output based on date and production lot in order to review status of either entire production line or production item and a wide variety of production quality report can be generated. There is also a function to set a date to define long storage data so that data passing that date should be classified and recorded as long storage data. By entering sample ID, BF-WebTracerII can pull out relevant production data and provide failure history and related images as well as repair work history. Also, one of the biggest strengths of BF-WebTracerII is to record entire substrate image so that non-defective sample production history can be retraced and reviewed. This contributes to improve quality traceability greatly. As BF-WebTracerII is a web-based server, a user can access to it from his or her computer for various operation purpose.