X-ray(AXI) Products

In-line automated 3D X-ray inspection system “BF-X2” for Semiconductors and IGBT power module inspection and “BF-X3” for PCB inspection, with Saki’s original planar CT (pCT) technology, can perform CT operation against plane object and obtain high definition slice images in high speed. Those also provide long-term stability and high rigidity gantry structure and high safety based on European standards.

In-line 3D AXI for Semiconductor, Power module inspection

  • Enable broaden range of inspection from Semiconductor to IGBT power module
  • Adopted 160 kV and 225kV micro focus X-ray open tubes


BF-X2 can inspect and detect various objects, such as flip chip soldering, void in TSV and LTH in semiconductor field, and also IGBT power module soldering in power device field.
Saki Corporation has successfully developed planar CT technology which can accurately reconstruct 3D shape based on transmission images scanned from various angles by using micro focus X-ray open tube and high definition flat panel in combination. Scanning is performed at accurate position by high rigidity gantry to create pCT reconstructed images of very high definition. When nano-focus high definition 160kV type X-ray source and high definition flat panel are used in combination, fine structure inside semiconductor can be analyzed. Also, when high power 225kV type X-ray source and long life X-ray camera are used in combination, layer structure of power electronics and on-vehicle devices can be analyzed in real time.


In-line 3D AXI for PCB inspection

  • In-line machine optimized for PCB assembly line, which combines micro focus closed type X-ray source and high definition flat panel detector.
  • BGA ball’s head in pillow defects, which are said to be one of the most difficult inspection items can be detected automatically without fail.


BF-X3 can perfectly separate top and bottom side of printed circuit board. BF-X3 can also measure solder joint structure of assembled QFNs and BGAs as well as lamination state of PoPs with high definition in 3D.
BF-X3 automatically corrects PCB warpage and position misalignment, and creates 3D data for entire sample by connecting partially reconstructed 3D data. By doing so, it supports inspection data generation for microchips, large ICs and connectors without requiring a user to intentionally execute a special operation for FOV size. Various necessary functions such as stabilization method of X-ray intensity and automatic calibration method are properly equipped with the machines to assure automatic inspection capability.