Saki's dedication to creating new value brings solutions
that contain leading-edge technology

Today’s electronic manufacturers must handle diverse challenges, including intensified global competition, demands for faster delivery,
pressure to reduce selling prices, and market demands that impose shorter product lifecycles.
To meet our customers’ needs, Saki Corporation aims to provide solutions that are compatible with emerging Smart Factory practices
and support new manufacturing techniques driven by IoT and AI.

Saki - a leading
global brand

Growing to become a leading global brand, Saki has actively expanded the worldwide market for precision,
high-speed automated inspection since its establishment in 1994.
After launching advanced solutions for 2-dimensional optical inspection (2D-AOI), we continued to expand our product line-up, delivering innovative 3D-AOI, solder-paste inspection (3D-SPI), and X-ray inspection (3D-AXI) to meet the changing needs of the market. We are now able to offer a comprehensive range of inspection solutions for our customers.
We have already shipped 10,000 units of our products to customers in more than 50 countries.

Our network of Saki technical service offices around the world provides locally oriented services and support to customers.
We also cooperate with many service partners to boost access to high-quality customer support worldwide.

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Saki's Total Smart Factory Inspection Solution

SAKI maximizes production efficiency by improving production-line quality.

Concept of Saki’s Products

As our markets continue to change rapidly,
“Quality Driven Production” is the defining concept
that guides our product development.

Recently, there is growing demand for M2M integration between production equipment and inspection machines. We believe that the first step to establish a Smart Factory is to utilize M2M integration to feed back and feed forward reliable inspection and measurement results to the manufacturing machines in the previous and next processes.
To achieve M2M integration, we are working on ensuring absolute accuracy of the hardware, as well as consistent inspection accuracy leveraging innovative software features.
In addition, we are developing a mechanism to let machines maintain inspection accuracy autonomously while running, which makes the output data more reliable and gives flexibility to incorporate IoT, AI and other future technologies.

Advantages of Saki's Total Inspection Solutions

Saki Corporation has a product lineup that can provide total solutions.

Saki can offer a solution to inspect every assembly process:
- Screen printing
- Dispensing
- Component placement
- Reflow
- Selective soldering
- Conformal coating

Highly Reliable Inspection and
Measurement Information
That Realizes the Smart Factory

To realise the Smart Factory, ready to adopt IoT and AI technologies,
Saki is striving to achieve absolute hardware accuracy and advanced software-based calibration techniques.

Saki's M2M Solution

Saki’s vision for M2M integration enables accurate measurement results to be transferred from the inspection machine to production equipment positioned both upstream, ultimately increasing the end-of-line defect-free production ratio and enabling continuous production of perfect assemblies.
In addition, human involvement to fine-tune the equipment, which requires the attention of skilled personnel, is reduced resulting in increased quality and greater productivity.

Growing Demand for M2M

In parallel with the advancing functionality of communication devices such as smartphones, many of the electronic components used (such as 0201 SMD parts) are being downsized and arranged in smaller spaces on the board. The trend towards thinner PCBs is another important factor. Ensuring consistent process quality as these changes take place is increasingly demanding.
With this in mind, we see the need for a technique to optimize the conditions of production equipment dynamically without interrupting operation. M2M integration between production equipment and inspection machines can provide such a solution. With M2M integration, measurement results calculated by the inspection machine can quantify any movement of the target item and communicate the information to the production equipment enabling any necessary adjustments to be made automatically. This solution can increase the defect-free production ratio in the entire product line, enabling constant production of non-defective items.

Feed-back from SPI to Printer

Feeding back SPI data to the screen printer enhances the quality of solder printing by calibrating print positioning.
Print errors are also prevented by automatically alerting the user when the metal mask needs cleaning to ensure consistent solder-paste volume and avoid bridging.

* For the manufacturers of equipment and models that support Saki's solution,
please contact our customer service.

Feed-forward from SPI to Pick-and-Place Machine

Feeding SPI data forward to Pick-and-Place machines improves the post-reflow quality by calibrating placement positioning.
In addition, the NG board skip function of Saki inspection machines reduces the cost of parts disposal and improves placement efficiency.

* For the manufacturers of equipment and models that support Saki's solution,
please contact our customer service.

Feed-back from AOI to Pick-and-Place machine

Feeding AOI data back to Pick-and-Place machines maintains the quality of placement by providing information on placement position shift.
Absolute accuracy of the inspection machine is essential to allow the Pick-and-Place machine to apply the right correction.

* For the manufacturers of equipment and models that support Saki's solution,
please contact our customer service.

Proof of Accuracy

A combination of Saki's highly robust proprietary hardware and software can provide reliable absolute accuracy.
Leveraging our experience, Saki inspection systems are able to provide measurement results that are even more accurate than the most stringent expectations, enabling print and pick-and-place processes to achieve unprecedented accuracy.
Building on the outstanding performance of our conventional models, all our next-generation 3D-AOI models have obtained Panasonic APC-MFB certificates for Panasonic Pick-and-Place machines.

Panasonic APC-MFB certificates

By integrating our solution with systems from leading production equipment manufacturers such as Panasonic, Fuji Corporation, ASM and ASYS, we enable our customers to implement automated setup changeovers to benefit from improved utilization of equipment capacity and detect and manage the operational status of their equipment more easily.

Integration of SPI and AOI - MPV Feature

For Unified Telecommunication Standards

To promote M2M integration, which is essential for Smart Factories, it is necessary to unify the communication standards between different production equipment. While actively promoting unification of the standards, Saki has also joined the Japan Robot Association Standards Subcommittee on Mounting Equipment Communication Rules and supports the IPC Hermes Standard Initiative that aims to establish a non-proprietary open protocol based on TCP/IP- and XML.