Advanced 3D AXI inspection machine with hardware design upgrade for real 3D volumetric inspection


Saki has launched a new automated 3D X-ray inspection machine equipped with highly accurate unique planar CT technology. As part of the Saki 3Xi series, the machine provides an advanced inspection solution for hidden components that conventional optical inspection machines cannot accurately or wholly inspect. Enhanced high definition image processing technology and high inspection capability with a greatly upgraded hardware structure strongly support quality assurance of the products.


4 Key Benefits of the New AXI Solution



  • Deeper inspection capabilities through unique high-resolution Planar CT Technology
    By generating true 3D volumetric data, the machine performs inspection from all angles with greatest accuracy.


  • Speed and Precision
    Greatly improved gantry structure boosts positioning accuracy.
    Speed-enhancing hardware structure and algorithm optimization provide faster inspection.


  • Lighter and Compact Machine Design 
    The compact and light machine design improves operability within the production line while maintaining high rigidity.


  • Low Radiation Exposure
    Improved X-ray irradiation method significantly reduces dose exposure.