Futureproof your AOI

Today’s product designers and manufacturers are acutely aware that the future of electronics manufacturing is trending towards smaller, denser, and more complex circuit designs, where accurate and reliable inspection has become essential to ensure manufacturing & product quality. At the same time, there is intense pressure on productivity, which demands high accuracy as well as high throughput.



Companies that prepare for the future today can address these challenges with scalable, modular, and sustainable AOI equipment that incorporates improvements in diverse aspects including:

    • increased camera resolution,
    • greater depth of field,
    • enhanced lighting,
    • increased image-processing capability,
    • greater height-measurement capability,
    • and more advanced inspection algorithms.


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    • Key trends that are changing electronic manufacturing
    • Key AOI-system requirements for future-proof manufacturing
    • The advantages of using modular and scalable AOI concepts to optimize the inspection process and improve production line efficiency
    • AOI features that will help enable greater PCB design freedom, faster cycle times, and result in cost savings while increasing both productivity and inspection precision
    • And more!


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