Vanue:EPP Webinar

3D AOI’s have been in the market for almost a decade now, and are evolving in line with increasingly complex manufacturing trends. Whilst manufacturers appreciate the value that 3D AOI’s bring to the production, new and more demanding processes require a constant improvement of the systems, and Saki’s goal has always been to provide innovative and reliable solutions, elevating the AOI systems to the highest level.


This German Language webinar, hosted by EPP, will introduce you to new features available today that extend the measurement range in both 3D and 2D by up to 40mm with great ease of use. You will discover how to extend the inspection capability in your SMT or THD inspection processes and how to achieve reliable and precise inspection of tall components, press-fit and PCB on jig with accuracy, flexibility and last but not least with ease of use.


For further details and registration to join the webinar, please visit EPP registration site:



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