Inline 3D-CT Automated X-ray Inspection Systems


Inline 3D-CT Automated X-Ray Inspection System for Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCBA).


Saki's unique "Planar CT" technology is very solder joint centric. The system identifies multiple defect types and displays them in true 3D images that can be rotated and magnified. In addition to the identification of defects like solder joint voiding and multilayer inspection the system measures solder volume.


Saki's unique "Planar CT" technology

Acquires high-quality CT images of planar objects using fewer projections

Identifies various defects in 3D images
Enables inspection without any interference from the opposite side of the board.

Head in Pillow

Through Hole

Intuitive User-friendly software

High accuracy true 3D automatic inspection

Displays actual measurement and target point with 3D images

Displays defects in high-precision 3D color images
The system displays 3D reconstruction, 3D inspection, and 3D image display for all captured images.

Fillet shape of good chip

Fillet shape of lifted chip

Expands the range of inspection

Inspection of standard PCBs, components and solder joints, and other electric components

Head in Pillow (HIP)
Detection and measurement of voids in multilayer PCB power modules.
Inspection of PCBs as well as semiconductors and power modules.

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