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Total Inspection Line Solution

Saki’s inspection solutions are used in over 50 countries, with >10,000
machines shipped worldwide to ensure the highest level of quality
control in our customers’ production environments.







Our Strength

To improve both productivity and quality assurance with solutions that are designed
based on a complete understanding of our customers’ production environments.

Total Inspection
Line Solution

In addition to providing SPI, AOI and AXI, it offers quality assurance for hidden solder joints. The machine's flexibility expands inspection capability beyond just SMT to THT, Press-fit, Coating, and IGBT inspection.

Product Quality

Superior in every way: High-quality, high-accuracy, high-speed and easy to use
Saki provides complete inspection solution for any application.

Technical Support
Satisfaction Guarantee

Global Customer Support Services network guarantees prompt and efficient response in every time-zone.

Why our customers
rely on
Saki solutions

Reliability assured by Saki's in-house R&D


Reliability assured by
Saki's in-house R&D

Saki's in-house R&D develops not just the hardware for their SPI, AOI and AXI solutions, but also the software. That allows us to provide quick development and support services. Saki is also developing its own artificial intelligence inspection platform in response to the growing demand for increased automation.

Common Platform


Common Platform

Saki offers a common platform for both software and hardware. Integrated program and operation features reduce workload for programming, training, operation and spare parts costs. The exceptional precision of Saki's inspection solutions is made possible by its unique casting frame and dual driven motor axis constructions.

Next Generation SPC


Next Generation SPC

Access to the web-based SPC solution provides real-time product quality and machine status monitoring from anywhere with network availability. Handling of large amounts of data and super high-speed processing provides in-depth analysis for root-cause identification and the generation of custom reports with minimal effort.

Global Support Network


Global Support

Network of global software development centers in Japan, China, Europe and the United States. A local staff of software developers and engineers provides excellent technical support in close proximity to our customers.



  • High-speed image capture
  • High-definition images
  • Common platform with AOI reduces cost and workload
  • image01
  • image02


  • Fastest on the market
  • 0201mm inspection capability by 8um high-resolution camera
  • 2D and 3D height measurement extension up to 40mm
  • Futureproof solution with robust frame and flexible machine-upgrade capability
  • image01
  • image02


  • True Volumetric inspection
  • Ultra high-speed cycle time
  • Easy and simple programming
  • Connectivity of inspection results from SPI, AOI and AXI judgement
  • image01
  • image02

Saki Family Solution

  • QD Suite – QD Analyzer (next generation SPC)
  • BF2-Monitor – Judgement Station
  • BF2-Editor – Offline Programing Station
  • MPV – Multi Process View for result judgement
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About Us

Total Inspection Line Solutions

Saki Corporation was founded in 1994 and initially focused on the 2D AOI market. By continuing to provide leading edge technology to set the pace for the market, the company has expanded to offer a wider range of inspection solutions, including 3D-SPI, 3D-AOI, and 3D-AXI. Total line inspection from Saki contributes to the future generation of production, integrating IoT and AI platforms, and fulfils customers' smart factories.

Saki Corporation
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Saki Corporation
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Saki America, Inc. office

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