Quality Driven Production

Superior Product Quality

High-accuracy, high-speed and easy to use Saki provides complete inspection solution for any application.

Total Inspection Line Solution

A wide variety of inspections are possible through the development of SPI, AOI, and AXI.

Technical Support Satisfaction Guarantee

Global Customer Support Services network guarantees prompt and efficient response in every time-zone.


High-speed inspection technology

Saki has attained significant improvements in speed while maintaining inspection accuracy by developing all key technologies of products in house.

3D Image Acquisition Technology

Many of Saki’s original image processing technologies are used to obtain clear 3D images of the entire board surface.

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About Us

Saki is a leading manufacturer of automated electronic assembly inspection equipment. Saki provides quality inspection solutions that determine a product’s viability by capturing and analyzing detailed imagery of the printed circuit board and components, replacing manual visual inspection with a highly accurate automated process. With a focus on power semiconductors and electronic substrates, Saki’s equipment delivers premium quality assurance for the electronic modules that are essential to the manufacture of electrical products.

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