Saki Corporation is a leading manufacturer of automatic inspection systems for checking electronic components. Inspection is essential when producing semiconductor modules and when placing and soldering components on printed circuit board, which are key processes in the manufacture of many kinds of electrical and electronic systems.

Electronic modules and PCB assemblies are at the heart of appliances such as smartphones and personal computers, as well as smart sensors, network equipment, data-center servers, industrial controllers, automobiles, aircraft, drones, and wearables, to name a few.
At Saki, we aim to help enrich society by supporting people’s life and business through checking the quality and eliminating failures.

Saki entered the crowded inspection machinery market upon its inception in 1994, bringing unique high-speed inspection technologies.
Applying our corporate principle, "Challenging the Creation of New Value”, we have established an outstanding reputation throughout high-tech communities globally by understanding our customers’ needs and delivering valued solutions.

At Saki Corporation we challenge ourselves to:
- Provide practical solutions that can be easily adopted at production sites and deliver results
- Remain sensitive to customer needs and develop new technologies that contribute to improving quality of life
- Continue growing sustainably for the long-term