CHALLENGING The Creation of New Value

Saki Corporation (‘Saki’) is a leading manufacturer of automated electronic assembly inspection equipment.
Saki provides quality inspection solutions that determine a product’s viability by capturing and analyzing detailed
imagery of the printed circuit board and components, replacing manual visual inspection with a highly accurate
automated process. With a focus on power semiconductors and electronic substrates, Saki’s equipment delivers
premium quality assurance for the electronic modules that are essential to the manufacture of electrical products.

Electronic modules are at the heart of everything in the increasingly digital, networked world. As well as being required
for cars, airplanes, smartphones, personal computers, and the base stations and data servers that support these
services, electronic assemblies have also become crucial for efficient energy use in the face of increasingly serious
environmental issues. By eliminating defects and ensuring quality manufacture, Saki supports lives and businesses,
contributing to the realization of an affluent and sustainable society.

Founded in 1994, Saki innovated in a crowded and competitive inspection machine market with unique high-speed
inspection technology. Since then, it has continued to grow alongside its customers by sensing new market needs
and developing products that are shaped by them, driven by a management philosophy of ‘taking on the challenge of
creating new value’.

Saki’s Challenge – to maintain a commitment to ‘zero defect products’; to discover real needs and develop new
technologies that contribute to a sustainable society; to work toward the realization of a future utopia; to continue to
grow as a company for 300 years.
The challenge continues.

Corporate Slogan

The Future in Focus

Saki’s corporate slogan is ‘The Future in Focus’.
It expresses Saki’s belief and mission, to contribute to the realization of a sustainable future society while taking on the challenge of creating truly new value.