Saki’s automated inspection solution business autonomously manages manufacturing quality to address environmental challenges.

A sustainable society requires urgent action on environmental challenges.
Saki is constantly tackling environmental issues with our manufacturing clients, working together at the forefront of sustainability.

We aim to protect the quality of the social and digital infrastructure and eliminate needless products.

Saki’s automated inspection systems help printed circuit board and semiconductor manufacturers worldwide maintain quality and avoid defects.

Total Inspection Line Solution – autonomously managing quality for the entire manufacturing processes

Saki’s Total Inspection Line Solution integrates a range of inspection equipment with automation system software to manage the entire production line, creating an autonomous quality control system that optimizes energy efficiency and eliminates waste throughout the smart factory.

Onsite upgrades – optimize equipment with new options without lengthy shutdowns

Saki’s highly-scalable advanced inspection system enables onsite upgrades with minimal downtime. Retaining the system housing, customers can upgrade or replace camera mounts for improved optical resolution or image capture speed – customizing to suit the inspection target.

New Value

Future-proofed AOI for ever-changing market requirements

Production processes and PCB design are changing and adopted rapidly.
Saki’s new 3D AOI series deliver greater flexibility with the possibility to upgrade or customize the camera resolution and lighting according to the production environment and assembly characteristics. The highly stable and durable gantry ensures sustained accuracy and permits upgrading parts to be repeatedly removed and refitted, allowing significant upgrades to be performed on site in a very short time. Customers can enjoy greater flexibility to add and upgrade future development items in both hardware and software to improve their machine’s inspection capabilities.

Environmental Policy

Saki continually strives to reduce the enviromental impact of all its corporate activities, and to contribute to the realization of a truly sustainable society.

ISO 14001 certification was awarded in 2022, alongside a full review of the Saki Environmental Policy (Updated May 2022).

Environmental Management System JIS Q 14001:2015 / ISO14001:2015

Quality Policy

As part of its contribution to solving social issues through automated inspection solutions, Saki recognizes the essential priority in continuing to provide high-quality products and services. In this regard, all employees conduct their daily operations in accordance with the policies set forth in the Saki Quality Policy.

Quality Management System JIS Q 9001:2015 / ISO9001:2015

Saki continues to contribute to solving social issues through sustainable manufacturing that evolves alongside our customers’ smart factories.

CO2-Free Electricity at Nara Factory