Saki's digital image processing technology is
always evolving to incorporate new techniques

Customers trust our 3D-AOI, 3D-AXI, 3D-SPI and 2D-AOI systems to deliver industry-leading accuracy, speed, and repeatability.

Saki is committed to further extend
the capabilities of 3D-AOI, 3D-AXI, 3D-SPI and 2D-AOI
by continuously developing more advanced technologies.

Saki has deployed over 10,000 automatic inspection systems worldwide.
Together, they inspect as many as 150 billion parts on 15 million PCBs every day.
We continue to develop new technologies that further raise performance in real manufacturing applications.
Read on to learn more about Saki’s inspection technologies.

We developed our original 3D-AOI system by extending our 2D-inspection knowhow. The cutting-edge technology enables extremely fast and accurate inspection and measurement, while improving production efficiency through ease of use.
3D-AXI technology leverages Saki's newly developed and unique "Planar CT" technology to generate high-precision 3D inspection data. Saki's innovative high-precision 3D measurement technology visualizes the internal structure, empowering our customers to assess their products and processes in greater detail.
Our super high-speed and high-accuracy technology for solder-paste inspection and measurement has been developed using the same proprietary hardware and software as used for 3D-AOI, and improves the production efficiency of the entire line.
Our 2D-AOI technology features a line-scanning system unique to Saki. We developed powerful techniques such as the full-memory method that captures collective images of PCBs, as well as complete coaxial epi-illumination that eliminates directivity, to enable incredibly fast and highly accurate visual inspection.