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Saki to Exhibit Latest 3D-AOI Z-axis Innovation at NEPCON ASIA 2021

Showcasing optimized automated inspection technology with extended measurement height capability for a wide range of applications and process inspections

Tokyo, Japan – October 14, 2021 – Saki Corporation, an innovator in the field of automated optical and X-ray inspection equipment, is putting the spotlight on its latest Z-axis optical head-control innovation for 3D-AOI systems at NEPCON ASIA 2021 alongside its bottom-side 2D-AOI and latest 3D-SPI platform. Visitors to the show are invited to meet the Saki team on Booth 1H35 which it shares with its partner Shenzhen SK Electronics Co., LTD (SKE). NEPCON ASIA will take place from October 20-22, 2021 at the Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center (Baoan).

Visitors to booth 1H35 will discover Saki’s new Z-axis solution developed in response to the increase of customer applications demanding accurate inspection of tall components, press-fit components and PCBAs in jigs. The innovative optical-head achieves a maximum height-measurement range in 3D mode up to 40mm. The maximum focus height in 2D is also increased to 40mm. With these capabilities, Saki’s 3Di-AOI Series solutions can be equipped to inspect low-profile components and refocus on the identification and polarity markings of tall components such as large electrolytic capacitors. The composite image enables accurate defect detection and optical character recognition (OCR or OCV), ensuring superior quality assurance.

The 2Di-LU1 is a 2D-AOI machine of choice for automated inspection of the bottom-side of PCBs. It shares the same software platform as Saki’s 3D-SPI and 3D-AOI solutions. Its proprietary high-speed Line Scan imaging technology ensures the quality of through-hole solder parts after dip, selective, and wave soldering, and improves productivity. Using the same system options as Saki’s SPI and AOI solutions reduces operator workload and running costs. Following the recent addition of Saki’s 3D-SPI and 3D-AOI solutions to the IPC-CFX Qualified Products List, the 2Di-LU1 machine has now also been certified as IPC-CFX compliant by the IPC, an internationally recognized quality standards organization covering the electronics manufacturing supply chain. By supporting standard protocols, Saki’s 2Di-LU1 enables effective data communication between devices in a factory line, improving the efficiency and visibility of the entire line, and reducing costs.

“Participating at NEPCON ASIA alongside our China partner SKE is a great opportunity to demonstrate our continuous commitment to solving the latest electronics manufacturing challenges faced by our customers in the region and around the world,” says Zheng Ri, General Manager of Saki China. “Manufacturers are increasingly under pressure to raise throughput, reduce costs, whilst at the same time delivering ever more complex products at consistently high quality. The Z-axis optical head system for AOI has already been very well received since its launch and will be a definite show-highlight. We are looking forward to exhibiting our solutions that deliver the enhanced capabilities to help meet these goals and address the challenges of new assembly techniques and demanding component technologies.”



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