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Saki Presented with Global Technology Award 2023 for X-Ray Systems

New award for Saki’s premier inline 3D CT AXI machine, the 3Xi-M110, brings further recognition of Saki’s innovation and cutting-edge technology.

Tokyo, Japan – November 14, 2023 – Saki Corporation, a world-leading innovator in the field of automated optical and X-ray inspection equipment, has today been honored with the 2023 Global Technology Award in the “Inspection Equipment – X-Ray Systems” category. The award ceremony, streamed live from Productronica in Munich, Germany on Tuesday, November 14th, saw the judging panel of experienced senior industry professionals present Saki with the accolade in acknowledgement of its position as a premier producer of world-class, high-speed, and high-performance inspection machines.

The 3Xi-M110v3 3D CT automated X-ray inspection machine represents the finest in electronics manufacturing quality control. With unique hardware and software integration, Saki’s premier product is the industry’s fastest 3D AXI solution, providing true 3D volumetric measurement with high-definition images that offer an unmatched discovery of defects at unparalleled speeds.

Featuring exclusive Planar-CT (PCT) scanning technology, Saki’s 3Xi-M110v3 machine utilizes advanced image-processing algorithms. True and dense 3D imagery is provided from hundreds of sliced images that are analyzed in a process that calculates the luminance of each pixel in three-dimensions to reconstruct in-depth imagery with incredible accuracy – a significant advantage over tradition tomosynthesis-based X-ray systems.

Combined with a new wider imaging detector, rigid-frame construction, improved power consumption, and many additional refinements, the 3Xi-M110v3 easily stands out as the finest in its class.

New features of the 3Xi-M110v3 include:

  • Fastest 3D inspection speed in the industry
    Cycle time has been cut in half thanks to the unique wide imaging detector and Saki’s proprietary new image processing methods. With no compromise in quality, the system keeps pace with inline times.
  • Stopping time eradicated
    With the new capturing method, both sample and detector stages move in parallel at extremely high speeds, eliminating stopping time.
  • Reduced power consumption
    Improvements in the technology result in lower power consumption by up to 40% per board.

The 3Xi-M110v3 demonstrates Saki’s dedication to advancing the Smart Factory with lower operator overheads. The shared platform between 3D SPI and AOI machines provides a seamless user experience, with common programming and operational methods. Time spent on program preparation is significantly lowered when transferring information from AOI, while advanced SPC software is available to provide a comparison of results from each inspection point in the line. M2M communication with both Saki and third-party machines is integrated throughout, further improving the efficiency of the inspection line. Additionally, the easy maintainability and self-diagnosis of the 3Xi-M110 reduces machine down-time and improves lifespan.

“Being awarded the 2023 Global Technology Award in the “Inspection Equipment – X-Ray Systems” category here at Productronica is a great honor,” said Jaroslav Neuhauser, General Manager Saki Europe. “At Saki, we are humbled to see how well our range of AXI machines have been received by the electronics industry. This accolade is a wonderful reward for our R&D team who dedicate themselves to furthering the technology and innovating in every way to meet the needs of our loyal customers in a vibrant industry. Saki has an ongoing commitment to provide the most reliable and efficient inspection equipment in the world to keep our customers at the forefront of manufacturing. Our thanks to them, and to Global SMT & Packaging for this recognition.”

Norihiro Koike, President and CEO of Saki Corporation and Jaroslav Neuhauser, General Manager Saki Europe, accept the 2023 Global Technology Award for “Inspection Equipment – X-Ray Systems” at Productronica, Munich, Germany, 14th November, 2023.

About the Global Technology Awards

Since 2005, the prestigious GLOBAL Technology Awards have recognized the absolute best new innovations in the printed circuit assembly and packaging industries. It brings together the global SMT and advanced packaging industry in a celebration of the companies and people that are achieving the highest standards and driving our industry forward with an award ceremony being held at Productronica in Munich, Germany. These awards are designed to promote best practice in key areas including manufacturing quality, customer service, sales growth, innovation and employee motivation. Videos describing the winning products and why their product stood out above other entries will be played during the awards ceremony.

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