2D Automated Optical Inspection Systems


BF1 Series

BF-Frontier II
- Large size PCB's

Single sided - Single lane

For Large size PCBs up to 460 x 500mm, 18" x 20" in. The system delivers high-speed inspection for multiple processes including conformal coating


Hardware that provides both high-speed, and high reliability

High-speed vibration-free line scan technology

Optical system includes a telecentric lens capturing images with no blind spots

Coaxial overhead lighting eliminates shadowing, improves capability and reduces production start-up time

Advanced Software Features

Line scan system detects FOD and extra components across the entire surface of the PCB

Unique Fujiyama algorithm verifies five critical aspects of through-hole solder joints

Conformal coating UV light inspection

Improved floorspace productivity

Benchtop Inspection System Product Line

Compact machine design

Machine width is the same for both single-lane and dual-lane

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