Inline 3D-CT Automated X-ray Inspection Systems


3Xi Series

3Xi-M200 for IGBTs

3Xi-M200 is Saki's inline 3D-CT X-ray solution for internal inspection of assemblies that require high-energy X-rays, such as semiconductor components and IGBT power modules.
The system drives significant quality improvement with its ability to inspect and measure multi-layer soldering.


High-precision inspection inside multi-layer IGBT modules using "Real 3D" image data

軽量化20%↓ 小型化25%↓

Rigid, highly stable chassis and compact footprint.
For maximum effectiveness in the production line.


Optimized Planar Computed Tomography (PCT) algorithm improves image capture speeds by 30%, reducing takt time.

Various inspection functions

Dectect and assess voids accurately using Saki's high-resolution "Planar CT" technology


Planar CT image


X-ray transmission image

Planar CT image
DBC solder layer

Planar CT image
Chip solder layer

Clearer inspection of voids by processing image to remove shadows of external cooling fins.
Automatic measurement and image correction of part warpage ensures high-precision inspection.


Advanced Software


Without statistical filter

With statistical filter

Advanced image-processing software removes images of DBC traces that interfere with inspection,
enabling more accurate measurement of voids.

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