Inline 3D X-ray Inspection Machine


3Xi Series

Inspection System for Power Module Inspection

The 3Xi-M200 is Saki's inline 3D-CT X-ray solution for internal inspection of assemblies that require high-energy X-rays, such as semiconductor components and power modules.
Able to inspect and measure multi-layer and specialized three-layer soldering, the 3Xi-M200 significantly improves quality assurance.

Unparalleled Accuracy | High-Speed | Easy to Maintain
Three key features that deliver high-quality inspection and greater efficiency

Unparalleled Accuracy
Easy to Maintain
Three key features that deliver high-quality inspection and greater efficiency

3Xi-M200 - Features



Capture high-precision images with Saki's unique technology

Obtaining truly accurate 3D data requires high-definition imagery. Saki's exclusive Planar CT technology generates high-def cross-sectional images with fewer captured slices.
The unique hardware structure features a fixed X-ray source, moving detector and component in parallel to reduce vibration during imaging. Superior image quality is further enhanced through the strong rigid gantry, allowing for the acquisition of extremely accurate positioning information for use in CT calculation. Realize premier reliable inspection through Saki's unparalleled development.

All-Seeing 3D Inspection

Thanks to Saki's unique calculation method, the 3Xi-M200 utilizes images from multiple angles to generate a full spread of hundreds of high-res slices. The resulting 3D inspection reliably detects every void, including all those rendered invisible to optical inspection. With its advanced technology, the 3Xi-M200 assures complete void detection - even for previously-difficult three-layer soldering packages.

Three-layer soldering package

Eliminating Pin-Fin Heat Dissipation Shadows

Saki's premier image processing technology removes the pin-fin shadows that interfere with accurate void detection. By separating the soldering layer and heat sink, only the voids in the soldering layer are highlighted, assuring reliable and accurate detection.

Before noise cancelation (left) After noise cancelation (right)

Void Detection

Use of the noise cancelation filter accurately detects elusive thin voids.
The following image shows use of the noise cancelation filter in detecting thin voids. The left image (no filter) misses the void area clearly visible in the right image (filter applied).  

Before noise cancelation (left) After noise cancelation (right)


High Speed Imaging

Imaging time reduced with expanded detector field of view

The new detector improves over the previous model with a 1.3x expansion in its field of view. This increase in visibility lowers the total number of images required to provide accurate imaging, thus significantly reducing the imaging cycle time.

Cycle time reduced through extension of worksize

The new conveyor design allows for loading of larger carriers - now up to 460mm x 600mm. Through batch imaging and inspection of multiple samples, cycle time is decreased, while operator workload and preparation time are also improved.

Image Processing Optimization

With both hardware and software simultaneously developed by Saki in-house, the image processing is optimized such that CT calculations present almost no delay to the inspection process.


Ease of Maintenance

Maintenance-free Hardware Upgrades

With a revised lead protection design and sealed X-ray tube that greatly reduces X-ray exposure on the sensor, Saki's latest detector enjoys a significantly longer lifetime. Maintenance costs are at an all-time low, with both the need for replacement parts and maintenance team engagement reduced.

Self-diagnosis function to prevent unplanned downtime

The self-diagnosis functionality of the 3Xi-M200 prevents unexpected downtime, automatically monitoring X-ray tube deterioration, abnormal or uneven brightness in images, frame misalignment, and more. The early alarm system allows for planned maintenance and replacement of parts well before any system failure.


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Size (W) x (D) x (H) mm 1400W x 2165D x 1862H mm (55.12W x 85.24D x 73.31H in)
Weight Approx. 5200Kg (11464.04 lbs)
Electric Power Requirement Three Phase ~200V +/-10%, 50/60Hz
Resolution 51μm-104μm
Tube 180kV 90W, Closed X-ray Tube
Xray leakage 0.5μSv/h or less
Air Requirement 0.5MPa @ ≥ 20L/min (ANR)
Target Board Size
mm (in.)
50(W)x140(L) - 460(W) x 440(L) mm  
(1.97 W x 5.52 L - 18.12 W x 17.33 L in.)    
50(W)x140(L) - 460(W) x 600(L) mm ※
 (1.97 W x 5.52 L - 18.12 W x 23.63 L in.) ※  
Clearance Top : 68mm (2.68 in.)
Bottom : 40mm (1.57 in.)

※ 2x imaging option target board size

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