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SPC/Process Quality and Traceability Tool

QD Analyzer

QD Analyzer considerably improves product quality and production efficiency by monitoring machine status, storing inspection results and statistically analyzing the data from every connected machine in the line. With its dedicated reporting, QD Analyzer is a key component in creating a true smart factory solution with SPI, AOI and AXI quality assurance.


Equipment operating status and lot progress displays are always up-to-date thanks to constant real-time monitoring of the entire production line.

QD Analyzer visualizes statistical data including full trend-analysis of OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) indicators and inspection results.

Aggregate inspection results of each component from a wide range of available data provides the operator with detailed analysis to discover the cause of NG and false calls.

Inspection judgment results and whole board images are archived for long-term use. Saki's optimized database tools ensure rapid data retrieval and responsive operation despite potentially vast volumes of information.

A full range of customizable reports provide essential data for multiple roles, including specialized quality assurance reports, inspection programmer key data, and production management overviews.

Realizing Industry 4.0 with Saki

Saki's QD Analyzer provides inspection history management, comprehensive analysis, and detailed reporting for a full inspection solution of 3D-SPI, AOI and AXI machines. With advanced database tools and premier machine reliability, Saki is an integral part of smart factory quality assurance and efficiency.

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