Offline review station

The system displays defective locations and all relevant details on the terminal once detected by a network-connected inspection device.
The terminal operator is able to check the defective part at a glance, with full 360 degree image rotation to aid in analysis and defect confirmation. Correction of excessive judgment results is also possible with full reports generated from the aggregate data of qualified defects.
Operator efficiency and judgment reliability is improved through an enhanced, highly-visible user interface.


RMS (Remote Management System)

Remotely determine defect detection points on all network-connected inspection equipment.
Full connectivity enables the real-time operation of up to 20 offline review stations from a single remote PC, greatly reducing the workload of operators and improving line efficiency.


MPV (Multi Process View)

Inspection results generated from multiple processes are displayed on the same screen for swift analysis and comparison.
Inspection results can be compared after printing, before reflow, and after reflow utilizing real-time 3D imagery. By connecting each inspection point, identifying and then confirming the cause of a defect on a single screen, analyzing the cause of a defective board is simplified.
Process quality control is improved and defective products are correctly identified.