M2M co-ordination

By linking inspection machines with solder printing and pick-and-palce machines, the quality control for the entire SMT line is improved.


Feed-back from SPI to Screen Printer

Accuracy of solder printing is improved thanks to feedback of solder printing position misalignment from SPI to solder printing machine.
Additionally, metal mask cleaning instructions are automatically communicated to prevent solder printing defects.

Correction of the print position

Automatic cleaning instructions


Feed-forward from SPI to Pick-and-Place machine

Component mounting position is corrected by the sharing of information on solder printing position misalignment with the pick-and-place machine. Additional data on failed sub boards is also communicated to avoid mounting components in these instances.

NG board skip


Feed-back from AOI to Pick-and-Place machine

SAKI’s AOI is capable of M2M collaboration with all major mounting machine manufacturers.
Feedback of the mounting position from AOI to the mounting machine strengthens product quality assurance.

Placement position correction