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Solutions for efficiency and quality improvement in multi-line facilities

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Offline program generation increases uptime and equipment utilization

The system enables program creation and editing of inspection attributes on a separate, off-line terminal connected via network.


Offline review station provides detailed information to validate, re-classify, and perform rework.

Upon detection the system provides multiple views of the defect and its location on the PCB.

RMS (Remote Management System)

One off-line system may be used to verify the results of multiple inspection machines in real-time reducing manpower requirements and increasing equipment utilization

The system enables remote visual inspection of defects with a machine connected to the network.

QD Analyzer (SPC/Process Quality and Traceability Tool)

The software suite offers a data-driven approach to continuous productivity improvement by collecting and statistically analyzing the operating status and inspection results of all equipment in the production line

The solution also stores inspection results and board images to ensure smooth and reliable traceability.

Multi Process View (MPV)

Real-time display of inspection result images from multiple processes improves process troubleshooting and determining root cause

MPV shows the results of all inspection processes (post print, pre-reflow, and post reflow) on one screen in real time.


The system exports data in common formats like TXT and CSV to integrate to your data analytics and MES system

This feature exports inspection results in text and CSV formats from the inspection machine or verification terminal (optional)


Enables automatic program download based upon bar code information. The feature is especially beneficial in high mix production facilities

Using this feature, programs can be automatically downloaded based upon data contained in ID codes such as a bar code label located on a PCB.