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(QA/QC Inspection Machine)
BF18D, BF18D-N/S, BF18D-P40, Dolphin BF-Comet18 Products Page
BF10H-MVT, Planet-X, Planet-XR, Planet-XX BF-PlanetX II Products Page
BF-Tristar, BF-Tristar-X, BF-Tristar-XX BF-Tristar II Products Page
BF-Voyager BF-Sirius Products Page
BF-Frontier BF-Frontier II Products Page
BF-SPIder-M 3Si-MS2/MD2 Products Page
BF-SPIder-L 3Si-LS2/LD2 Products Page
BF-Rigel All AOI machines can be configured for Automated Conformal Coating Inspection (AOI)
BF-3Si 3Si-MS2/MD2/LS2/LD2 Products Page
BF-3Di-L1 3Di-MS2/LS2 Products Page
BF-3Di-D1 3Di-MD2/LD2 Products Page
BF-3Di-Z1 3Di-ZS2 Products Page
BF-3Di 3Di-MS2/LS2 Products Page
Option BF-View BF-WebTracer II
BF-WebTracer BF-WebTracer II
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